Friday, April 15, 2011

A Friday Afternoon Ride

After riding on the rollers inside so often, I was beginning to think the only reason to ride a bike was for a chance to watch another re-run of 24. The first few minutes on a road bike after training only indoors for months is quite exhilarating. It's incredible how light and nimble my bike felt. I felt like a rocket with my legs wanting to surge underneath me. Of course, by the end of my 21-mile ride my legs didn't feel that way. (Felt more like 30, actually.) In fact, I actually found myself checking the rear wheel to see if it had slipped in the drops and was rubbing the brakes. Odd that it wasn't.

Also odd: While riding, I came across some construction. That's not the odd part. After passing through many detours and roughly patched areas, I came upon a sign that read, "rough road ahead." "Huh," I thought, "haven't all the roads I've been on today been pretty rought?" Yes. They all were. But I found out what they really meant by "rough road" was gravel. I've been riding road tubeless, though, so it really didn't bother me.

Still, I'm thinking if I'm going to continue to live and ride around here (I am) and if Utah is going to continue to be in a perpetual state of construction (apparently, they are), I think I'm going to opt for wider tires next go around. 25c at least. Maybe 28c? That might be pushing it, but something wider than 23c.

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Libby said...

Are you saying you prefer riding without Jack Bauer? :)