Friday, April 09, 2010

Light Review Update -- "I'm not dead yet"

I've been asked "whatever happened with this year's light review?" and I can tell you, that is a good question. One that I've been asking myself, actually.

It's still in progress.

That's the bad news. The good news is that I've used the snot out of all the lights in all sorts of conditions. I've used them in freezing temperatures, rain, dust, etc... So, while my opinion of the lights is pretty solid, I just haven't gotten it all typed up.

Earlier this year, I was tied up finishing up a school term--read: finals--getting into Optometry school, and getting my house on the market--it was a fixer upper that we never really got around to fixing, so it required quite a bit of work. Through all this, I was continuing to ride--more night rides than anything else--and working on the review, just not writing the review.

That's all wrapped up now, and I'm halfway through the writing portion. The beam shots are done, the run time graphs are done, I just need to get the thing finished!

So, hang in there, we're on the final stretches now and it'll be complete soon.


Anonymous said...

thats great news james, keep up the good work,

for this years light shootout,

i ask you if you could get your

ands on a ledsys3 and or a ledsys4

for testing from a company in uk,

look at these links, or com


Kim said...

Now that the nights are beginning draw in my thoughts turn towards cycle lights. I have found your light reviews really useful in previous years, are you going to do one this year?

James said...

Hi Kim,

I am not going to be doing a light review this fall/winter. I just started Optometry school and have my hands full with that.