Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick Update

First off, there was supposed to be a post last week, but it never happened. The reason it never happened was that I was taking some finals and they drained me. You see, I am back in school--have been for a year--and getting a blog post out just wasn't in the cards. Now, on with the post!

I'm getting the first round of run time graphs complete and I'm happy to report that so far, every light is beating their run time claim.

It seems like--when it comes to batteries at least--manufacturers are more conservative. Keep in mind, though, that I test the lights in a room temperature environment and more than likely, you'll see less run time out in the cold.

Here's an example. The Magicshine 900 is rated at 3hrs, but I ran it for 3:42--quite a bit longer.

Not all of the other light's run times exceed their claims as much as the Magicshine, but any time a light runs longer than claimed I am happy.

I've also had the wonderful opportunity to use all of the lights in the rain--something we get plenty of here in Oregon--and aside from some fogging of the lenses, I've experienced zero problems with prolonged rain use with any of the lights. None have cut out and not one has refused to work after a good soaking.

Aside from the NiteRider Pro 600 and 1200, Exposure accessory lights and the Magicshine 900, I'll be checking out the upgrades kits for Lupine's Wilma and Betty lights and Exposure's Diablo.

Look for more info on the new lights in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...


Any chance you'll be doing tests on the ay-up upgrades for 2010?

I'd like to see runtime data on the new batteries (which include a low and flashing setting), and the new emitters (per an email exchange with them, they upgraded their emitters for 2010).

James said...


I'll shoot 'em an email and see if they would like to participate.

radirpok said...

Hey James, nice to see you back in business! I've been missing your light-related posts lately ;-)

Anonymous said...

James, you wrote that, "aside from some fogging of the lenses, I've experienced zero problems with prolonged rain use with any of the lights"

I'm curious to know how the Niterider Pro 1200 faired. Was it one of the ones that fogged up?

Thank you.

James said...

Anon @ 4:36:

All of them did a small extent, including the Pro lights. It didn't affect the output, or the performance in any way.

In fact, I didn't notice the fogging at all, until another rider in the group saw his Magicshine and asked about the other lights, so I checked.

"Fogging" might be a little overkill, more like condensation inside the lens.

cmorse said...

Just came across your blog looking for info on the Magicshine light - I'm looking for use more as an off-road running lamp (long distance orienteering) so am more concerned with the run time on low - I need the high when searching the woods for a control, but prefer to run on low between controls.

any chance of a run time comparison of some of these lights on their low settings so we can accurately gauge whether we can go all night on a single battery? Thanks!!

James said...


I can do that for the Magicshine next week when I'm back in town.


It looks like I will have a new Ay-Up for the review.

Happy New Year!