Monday, November 02, 2009

With a Name Like Magicshine...

Last time we looked at NiteRider's new entrants in the crowded LED light market. This time we're going to look at Magicshine's latest.

What... you've never heard of Magicshine?

Don't feel bad, neither had I until recently. Turns out, is importing these lights to the U.S. market at a very low price.

There are two things that I find very interesting about the Magicshine. 1st, it seems to be a direct knock-off of the Lupine Tesla. I mean, you'd have to try HARD to get it more similar.

As you can see, while the Magicshine is slightly larger, both sport the silver bezel, black body, and O-ring attachment. Both locate their switch on the back, dead center. Both use a similar emitter, though the Magicshine's appears to be a lesser bin. The reflector on the Lupine is--in my opinion--better, but the Magicshine does have an "orange peel" type finish, to help smooth out the beam.

There is, though, one HUGE difference between the lights. The Magicshine is $85+shipping. The Lupine is $420.

Yes, the Tesla is made in Germany and the Magicshine is from China, if that matters to you. To be honest, I'm a little torn about this light. On the one hand, it's a bit of a rip off of Lupine's work. On the other hand, it seriously lowers the cost of entry for real night riding lights--and I consider that a good thing. At $85, nearly everyone can afford to run a light that is bright enough for real riding at night.*

*I define real riding at night as riding the same trails and very nearly the same speed (or faster) than you ride the trails during the day.

This light, I am sure, will introduce many mountain bikers to the joy that is riding after dark. It will also cramp the style of the do-it-yourself crowd, since--and let's be honest here--you, the individual, cannot build a light for what it costs to buy this one (don't forget to add in the batteries and charger).

Have you got any questions? Post them in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

I know you want beam shots. I can hear you chanting "beam shots, beam shots, beam shots." I'll have some later this week or early next, of the Magicshine, the NR Pro series 1200 and 600 and the Exposure stuff I'll talk about next time.


Alan Braggins said...

Is this the same light as this one at DealExtreme: ?

James said...


I'm pretty sure it is the same light, sans the headband.


Anonymous said...

There are actually 3 different sku's on dealextreme...though a couple are a bit "hidden".

Per an email I got from geomangear (and his comments seem to match up with the descriptions of the 3 sku's on dealextreme), the version geomangear sells is the most recent (and the best in my opinion), and as of last week, this latest version will not be available on dealextreme until the older three versions are sold out.

Differences between the 4 versions out there include cord length, battery output, addition of thermal paste, and strain relief on the wires.

Take it all with a grain of salt (anything you get from dealextreme merits a few grains, in my opinion). I've had good experience ordering from geomangear.

James said...


Thanks for the details.

J2 said...

I would like to add to the comment posted by Anonymous.

The dealextreme lights also come with a short cord, and require an extension to be run as a helmet light (purchased separately). According to geoman himself, the neweest batch from geomangear comes with a short cord and an extension as part of the base package so you have flexibility to run it as a bar light without a long cord to worry about securing or as a helmet light with battery in your jersey pocket. This is a nice change from the dealextreme SKU's.

There are in fact 3 different versions of this light being sold online at this time. 2 at dealextreme and 1 at goemangear. In addition to the changes you cannot see just by looking at the light or reading the specs, such as the addition of thermal paste for the emitter to dissipate heat more efficiently (which the new geomangear light has), the dealextreme lights are both 3-mode while the geomangear light is 5-mode. This is huge in my opinion.

If you search dealextreme, you will find two versions of the magicshine, SKU 29489, and SKU 25149. Both these versions run at high (900L spec), med (500L spec), or flash power levels. The light offered by geomangear has the addition of a "true" low setting (200L spec), and a worthless seizure inducing disco pulse mode. The low setting is the real key addition for me over the others, giving the light more flexibility and longer battery life if desired.

The version sold at geomangear is by far the one to buy, for reasons you can see as well as quality improvements you cannot see.

James said...

J2, thanks for the info.

For the record, my review unit has a longer cord, but I believe that it has the thermal paste.

I also think that the true Low beam is worth it. I usually cut my lights to their lowest powers when climbing, or in rainy/dusty conditions.

ab138501 said...

I would like to see a beam shot match-up between the following lights:

Lupine Tesla
Niterider Pro 600
Niterider Pro 1200
Light & Motion Seca 900

I purchased a Magicshine from this fall but returned it for a complete refund because I was having issues with it. Geoman's customer service is excellent.

I'm trying to decide what light system to purchase next. I plan to use my light system for commuting and road riding on country roads. I'm leaning towards the Light & Motion Seca 900.

James said...


As I replied to your other comment:

Magicshine -- yes
Lupine Tesla -- yes
Niterider Pro 600 -- yes
Niterider Pro 1200 -- yes
Light & Motion Seca 900 -- no can do. I don't have a 900 to check out, just a 700 from last year's review.

Goatlips said... : "New Update (2009/11/20): Due to our mistake on price data synchronization, we are canceling the orders placed from 2009/11/20 0:07 to 2009/11/20 3:02, and we will offer you a store credit as our apology"
NB - That is illegal! If that website had put up an incorrect price and people placed orders it's illegal for that company to back out of the deal! Tell them 'where to go' if this ever happens and buy up all their stock if they've put the decimal point in the wrong place! ;)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this website that offers just magicshine products: and

They seem legit and based in Arizona.