Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I can be quite lazy. When you think cycling, though, and especially road biking, lazy just doesn't enter into the picture. Maybe that says something about the shape I'm in.

On Saturday, my sister-in-law's boyfriend came into town. (She came, too, but since she didn't go on a bike ride with me, I'll leave that part out.) The first words out of his mouth were, "I hear you like to mountain bike. We need to go riding today." Sure, I said. Perfect. In fact, both of my mountain bikes are set up and ready-to-ride right now.

As a side note, it's pretty rare for more than one bike of mine to be "ready-to-ride." Usually, I'll ride one bike until I get a flat or something goes out of adjustment and needs fixing. Then I switch bikes and leave that one to sulk and molder. (Is molder a word? Yes it is.)

Of course, since both bikes were ready, it only took me about 20 minutes to get them ready. Huh. That's weird. Bikes just require stuff done to them. Cyclists that don't do any maintenance on their bikes probably don't have rideable bikes very often. (Or they have better mechanics than I do. Sometimes I'm my worst enemy.)

When I got my first road bike--a Giant Cadex I bought off my oldest brother--I quickly found just how simple a bike can be. Road bikes are not only much easier to deal with than most modern mountain bikes (especially those with suspension), they also tend to stay adjusted longer. I love my road bike for that reason. Another benefit to riding on the road is the proximity to road rides. I am, literally, surrounded by roads. My house, being on a corner and all, actually butts up against two roads! However, as of yet, I haven't discovered any sweet trails in either my property or my neighbors'. (Which, I might add, is pretty disappointing.)

So, I am lazy. I ride the bikes that work. I ride the rides that are close. I know that I'm truly missing out on some great opportunities here, but I'm just lazy that way. Sure, I could point the finger to my busy schedule and fairly large family, but I know those are just excuses. I'm just lazy.

And speaking of lazy, I've found that if all I want to do is burn off the fat I consumed the day before, I don't need to pick up a bike at all. I can just strap on some running shoes and grind out a couple of miles of running around my neighborhood. (I say "grind" because that's the sound my knees make as I run. It's so much fun.) I mean, running sucks and all, but sometimes I'm just lazy that way.

PS. The ride, by the way, was great. We got out on what was probably the best weather for mountain biking of the summer. It was warm, but not hot (70s, I think). There was a slight breeze. The trail was a little dry, and the grass was super tall, but it was a blast. Additionally, my Sister-in-law's boyfriend was a lot of fun to ride with. I mean, I always like riding with people who come from lower altitudes, and this was no exception. Thanks for the ride.

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James said...

As a lower-altitude-dwelling person, I have to say that I dislike riding with you on your own turf. I breathe too hard. That doesn't happen at home, really.