Friday, May 08, 2009

Bonus Friday Post: Bar Ends

There was a time, back in the heady '90's when the predominant style of mountain bike was the cross country race bike.  Most of the mountain bikes sold had short chain stays--the shorter the better!--and steep angles.  They climbed well, had fast handling but were twitchy on the descents.  Because racers would cross train on the road, and because there was little to no suspension to coushon the blows, they desired multiple hand positions.  Flat bars didn't quite cut it in that respect.  They also wanted another hand hold for climbing, to help move the weight forward and provide a good handle to pull against.

Thus the bar end was born.  

I love bar ends, and I can't live without them.  That being said, I know that many, MANY of you who once ran them, use them no longer.  Often I've wondered what has happened to the bar ends that are no longer loved.  Do they waste away in a drawer somewhere?  Are they used for cupboard handles?  Have they been retrofited to be used a door handle?  

It turns out that the answer is none of these--though the door handle idea is a pretty good one.

It turns out that they are collected and used to make bike antlers.

Clearly the owner of this bike needs more hand positions than he/she would normally have available, and he/she might just need to use his/her bike to fend off any would be attackers.  Finally, however, we see where the unused, unloved, unneeded bar ends end up.

And the unused wheel skirts, too:


Craig said...

Makes my Ergon's look boring, but I really like them.

Los Bluemels said...

Nice, if it makes you feel better, I really like mine for quick steep ascents. However, I also like the idea of retrofitting doors in the house with them ;)