Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere Report: Inside

As it happens, I actually didn't do much riding outside. That was just the fun part. (As it turns out, though, the side of roads aren't level. At all. Now, I'm pretty inept at riding on the rollers in my mostly-level basement. But when there's a slope for water run-off built into the road, it actually gets a bit sketchy.)

Most of my riding was done indoors with my children running to fill up water-bottles for me and Star Wars on the TV. I might have preferred something else, but my choices are limited with small children watching on.

Luckily, my wife was ready with camera in hand to chronicle the part where I wasn't enjoying myself.

Mile 63. Almost 2/3 done. I actually felt pretty good at this point.

As many other participants have observed, this was hard. I actually cheated, in my mind, because I rode 100 "miles" in 3:36:20, which is much, MUCH faster than I could ever do on the road. My sympathy for those who rode it in 6-8 hours. I think I would have died.

100 miles
27.7mph avg


Craig said...

How strange, but whatever floats your boat. Your outdoor pictures made the weather look OK. Why did you do 100 on the rollers again?

Jon said...

Yeah, I'd have much rather done it outside. (Well, riding anyway. On the rollers, I'd rather be inside.)

It was actually a ride to support cancer: http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/04/23/register-now-for-the-100-miles-of-nowhere/

crashburnrepeat said...

you support cancer? weird....

Jon said...

to crashburnrepeat:
Wait, what's my money going to? Fighting Cancer?!

Just kidding. Yeah, supporting the FIGHT against cancer. Sheesh.

John and Sarah Sperry said...

Wow, that was a seriously high average speed. Did you oil the rollers or something? ;) You do look pretty cool in those pics, I have to say.