Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Off the Bike, Double Duty

Ok, time for a show of hands. How many of you have strapped on your helmet to do something non-bike related simply because that was where your best headlamp was? Be honest. I know that I've mowed my lawn in the dark--and I'm not alone in this, eh?--worked on my car and my motorcycle while wearing a helmet. Just for the light.

Well, no more. Driven by the Nordic Skiing crowd and other non-bike adventure sports, many companies now offer headbands for their lights. Here's a list of those we have in house to try out:

DiNotte 400L
Hope Vision 4
Exposure Joystick*

Also available, but we don't have them:

Lupine Wilma
Light and Motion Stella

All in all, it makes the investment a little more palatable knowing that the light can be used around the house, while camping, skiing, hiking... you name it. These aren't all just good bike lights, but are good lights in general.

I am thrilled with this development.

*the Joystick could be the most versatile bicycle light on the market. It's tiny, packs a decent amount of light, can be bar, helmet or head mounted and it's flashlight shape lends itself to easy off the bike use. It's small so it can be stowed in a pocket easily and it can be used with an external battery pack for additional light.

That's it for this week. For those of you in the U.S. of A., have a great Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

The joystick is over priced and under powered when you take into consideration a MTE SSC P7 torch from deal extreme.

Its got a wider beam pattern, much better throw and costs about £40 for the torch, batteries and charger.

The joystick is good for a mtb specific light but its definitely over priced and under powered in comparison to the P7 torch.

The P7 is as good as the Dinotte 500 and 600L and the equivalents but for a fraction of the price! If you add a second to your setup (one on the bars and one on the lid) you take the price to around £60 and you have something that is brighter than the Wilma, Hope vision 4 and all the new contenders, again for a fraction of the cost.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to fix these torches to your head while doing nordic skiing, mountain climbing, orienteering I guess that you will get REAAALLY nice setup ;). You really need to weight your preferences before making any choices. If it works for you that doesn't mean that it works for anybody else. Usage of these torches for my activities not counting biking - running, nordic skiing and night orienteering would be bad joke. For these I need seperate accu, powerfull and light head unit and headbelt.