Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Adjustment

Because, as I mentioned, I was out of town last week (and because Ritchey striped me of the my means of taking cycling with me on my trips by asking for the Break Away back) I didn't ride. I was in sunny (and muggy) Orlando, FL but I didn't even see a bike. Here I am, back at home with a garage full of bikes and I still am having a hard time getting out on one. Sure, I'm busy. Sure, the sun isn't cooperating by rising so late. But the real problem is me.

Always at this time of year I get cranky. I want to ride, but I don't want to ride right now. That is, I don't feel like braving the cold. Or, maybe it isn't very cold, but I don't want to deal with lights. (Although, riding with lights is fun, sometimes it seems like a pain to get everything together and mounted.) Above all, I certainly don't want to start the roller season just yet.

This morning, I was going to ride but my snooze didn't seem to work. That is, it probably went off again, but it didn't get me up after the initial ring. Besides, it was 28 degrees. Ouch. That's a little cold still.

The funny thing is that once I get past this not-ready-for-winter bad mood, and get used to riding in the cold, it doesn't bother me. I'm confident if I can get in a week of riding I'll no longer be bothered by the cold, nor by the dark. And I know if I don't get over that hurdle, I'll lose even more hard-fought fitness.

Getting over that hurdle is hard, though. And besides, I'm pretty short.

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gac1982 said...

Well are you out o your funk - it's been cold all of a sudden here in DC, but I'm hanging in there. Just gotta drag out the cold wx gear.
Question - what kind of cold wx gloves do you wear? I'm using some performance winter gloves, with liners. Warm, good agility on the road bike, but they don't block the wind very well. Looking for a suggestion.