Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 is the New Three

Last year, most of the bigger LED lights used 3 LEDs. This year, it seems, the magic number is four--unless you are Light and Motion, then the magic number is six.

The magic word is still "please" though.

Case in point, the new Vision 4 from Hope, on the right.

While it shares the number of LEDs with its neighbors--the Lupine Wilma and DiNotte 800L--it's not exactly the same. For one thing, as you can see, the lens is frosted. This is to spread out the light better, in theory. We'll see how well it works. In size, it splits the difference between the 800L and the Wilma.

The 960 lumen (claimed) light comes with handlebar and helmet mounts, as well as a headband in case you want to go caving and need some serious light.

As soon as the weather clears--forecast for the next few days calls for rain--we'll get some beam shots.

Hopefully, the lights from Exposure--another 4 LED light... see a trend?--and Princeton Tec will be here by then. We're also expecting another round with Ay-Up. Stay tuned, we're just getting started.


the Fuzz said...

you should throw in a nite flux photo max into the lineup. if you call them up im sure they'd be more than happy to get one to you. they are really cool. otherwise i have one and im in corvallis, ide be more than willing to let you get some beam shots with it.

James said...


I've got an email into Nite Flux and I spoke with them at IB. I should be receiving one for the review.

Thanks for the offer.

icycle said...

Hi guys, I heard about this translated light review mentioned on the forums. Their conclusion was that the new Lupine Tesla (with only 1 (big) LED) was the winner. See the beam shots and be the judge. Are you guys tracking down a Tesla? I think Lupine has a new price/performance winner here! Maybe 1 is the new 4?

James said...

Hey icycle,

We do have a Tesla on the way.

We'll see how well it does, but it certainly looks promising!

icycle said...

James, what's the plan on the big light review this year?

James said...


That's a great question. If you check out today's post, you'll get an idea about what I have, and what's left to come. This week I'll be previewing the remainder of the lights that I have in house, and then, in the next week and heading into Thanksgiving, I'll be talking a little more about the timeline of the review.