Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look 986 Received

I received at my house an extremely nice mountain bike the other day. I mean, so nice! It isn't the bike for everyone--it fills a pretty specific niche--but it sure is beautiful.

Behold, the Look 986.

Yeah, super nice bike. Okay, right away you'll notice the most striking feature: the integrated seat-mast. Although carbon frames are becoming more common for high-end mountain bikes, not many make this bold statement. What's the statement? "Adjustability? I don't need no stinkin' adjustability"

Other highlights? SRAM X.0 Components. Avid Juicy Ultimate brakes. A super-light FSA OS-99 stem and some even-lighter foam grips. Wheels are Mavic CrossMax SL-Rs. Tires are continental supersonics.

Basically, the niche the 986 fills is the freakishly-light-racing-machine niche. Or, maybe the ideal buyer is the roadie who loves his Look road bike and wants to drop $4-5K on a similar ride for the dirt.

Soon I'll be doing some hacking at the integrated mast--arguably the most nerve-wracking adjustment a person could make to a bike--to get the bike to fit my somewhat average size. After that, I'll hit the trail and let you know how it rides.

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-p said...

And I thought it was un mountain-bikey to use a non QR seat collar:

The hacksaw method takes it to a crazy new level.