Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All Done

Yesterday, we teased you with the single emitter lights. Today, we're throwing the doors wide and letting you see it all.

Click on HERE, grab a beverage of your choice -- I prefer Mountain Dew at the moment, but your mileage may vary -- and sit down in a nice comfy chair. It's a biggie.

In fact, this has to be the largest review I have ever written. In school I avoided writing like this... heck, I focused on science in college so didn't have to write papers this long.

Ironic, huh.


crea7or said...

Thank! It's impressive ;)
Personally I have purchased dinotte 200L, did made hand-made 3xLED light and bought the second dinote 200L. Finally I use them ( dinottes ).
ps. Differences in my dinottes ( std and wide ) almost invisible for an eye.

Speedy said...

Nice work! I noticed a few image links that might need correcting for your 2008 LED Bike Lights Comprehensive Review on Your 2007 Review was significant in my recent choice to get a Dinotte 600L for handlebar and 200L for helmet. Regards, Todd.

1) Page:

The angled shot for the 200L dual beam spot/flood actually links to the beam shot for the spot/spot.

“DiNotte 200L Dual Beam Shot Angled (spot/flood) (click image for larger view)”

2) Page:

The caption for the picture of the TriNewt lamp unit does not display

3) Page:

The straight on beam shots for spot/spot and spot/flood are actually the beam shot jpgs for the 200L dual.

“DiNotte 600L Dual Beam Shot (spot/spot) (click image for larger view)>\”

“DiNotte 600L Dual Beam Shot (spot/flood) (click image for larger view)”

James said...


Thanks for letting me know about those. We'll get them fixed.

Johnny_QP said...

Due to some things unrelated to you that I've read on another blog, I'm curious to know if any of the light companies have ever offered you free or discount lights, or have you returned all the lights from this and previous tests and bought your lights at street prices?

Thanks for the excellent reviews. Johnny.

James said...


We do not purchase the product for reviews. GearReview is much like Cyclingnews, Velonews, Bicycling Magazine, et al. Manufacturers send in product for the reviews. Some of that product is returned. Some of it is not. There is no rhyme or reason as to which product is returned. It is all dependent on the manufacturer.

I know of the post you are referring to. If a product stinks, I say that it stinks. If a product is good I say that it is good. Since we do not purchase any of the product that is reviewed, price has no bearing on the review, other than as a means of judging whether or not a product is reasonably priced for what is offered. The products stand on their own merit.

This holds true for all of the products we review, not just lights. But tires, helmets, cranksets, bicycles, shorts and jerseys, seatposts, wheels, etc.

All products are used for enough time to A) get a feel for the products strengths and weaknesses and B) see how well it stands up to real world abuse.

I do not take bribes for good reviews. Ever. Period. End of story. I've had... shall we say heated discussions with manufacturers about reviews that weren't exactly favorable. I stand by my reviews.

I hope that this clears things up for you.

radirpok said...

Wow, this is the most comprehensive review I've ever seen (so far). Great job!
I have two minor complaints though:
1. the graphs do not really show the difference between the various lights, eg. the Betty looks almost like the Wilma, perhaps a different (logarithmic) scale would be better? Perhaps there is a better way to measure light output and the beam? The idea is fantastic though.
2. I know this is a LED-only review, but beamshots from other types of lights would be useful, eg. is a 1-led system equivalent to a 10/15/20w halogen? Is the 30w HID better than the Betty? How about various flashlight products (eg. Fenix), they are dirt cheap, but are they useful for the biker chap?
Maybe next year.
Keep on the good work!