Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stella, Part 3

Ok, so you've seen the press info, and you've seen some comparison shots, but what you really, really want to see is how bright the little sucker is... huh. Go on, admit it. It's keeping you up at night isn't it. Well, it kept me up, for a little bit any way.

So, here you go!

Stella, on high (as usual, click the image for a bigger version):

I can hear you now... "Hey, that's great, but how is it compared to [insert light of choice here]?" Good question. I did compare the beam shape to the MiNewt, previously, so here is a shot of what I am talking about:

As you can see, the beam is similar, if not in intensity, in pattern. There are a series of concentric rings, with a bright center. Note: This is the original MiNewt, not the newer X2, which should be nearly as bright as the Stella. Both of these lights use a reflector, rather than a solid state optic. Both reflectors are very good, too.

Solid state optics give a different sort of pattern. Here is a DiNotte 200L, spot beam:

And the same light with a wider optic:

As you can see, neither of the beams from the solid optic have the pattern of the reflector lights. It's just a different way of getting the light out the front and onto the ground so you can see.


david said...


nice reveiw, great looking light,
beam is quite good perfect and ideal, i think only to be used as
helmet light, its very much a spot
would problebly compliment many,
wider beam, bar mounted lights,

one other thing,

in the 500L big green reveiw,
of the preproduction unit,you mentioned you was promised a production unit which will be
13 watts, at, well with the minour
changes improvment dinotte have made to 500L uping it 600 lumens,

rob will problebly send you a,

13 watt 600 lumen, 500L,

it is now 600 Lumens, but is still
called the 500L,

when do expect to have the 500L
production unit, for rveiw,

many thanks,

Ed said...

James and others, just looking for your opinion on this. Stella VS. Dinotte 200L (spot or wide) which is the better helmet light (granted this will be my only light). I have seen the stella in person, but only pictures of the Dinotte. The dinotte 200l spot looks whited out but I know it is tough to get a feel for the real light without seeing it in person.
Thanks for any help.