Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Jon talked about the Fi'zi:k Arione K:1 before. While not least comfortable saddle he had used, it left a bit to be desired. Now, saddles are a... uh... personal choice. What works for me, might not work for him. So, with that in mind, he shipped it out to me to try. I reviewed the original Arione a while back and it ranks as one of the most comfortable saddles I've ever used, period. With that in mind, I agreed to try out this saddle for him, all in the effort to give it the best review possible. Not to burst your bubble, but I haven't reached my conclusion... yet. I do have quite a number of miles on it, though, and thought you might like to know my preliminary thoughts.

Frankly, this is a Love/Hate saddle. Now that my butt has been broken in to the saddle, I find it to be rather comfortable, to a point. On smooth roads I can use the saddle for about an hour, but on rougher roads -- like the one I did this morning that was paved with the devil's own chip seal -- the K:1 transmits all of the road vibration right into my tail.

As Jon noted, this is a good climber's saddle. Or if you are into track racing, this would be a great saddle for that.

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