Wednesday, July 04, 2007

200L on the Road

I've been asked for some images showing what the 200L is like on the road. I normally use the off road setting because the trees and grass show the beam shape well -- but off road pictures don't show how well the signs light up. So, below is the road I chose, with all the lights off. As usual, click on the image for a bigger version.

What you can't see in the image above is the stop sign that is beyond the street light -- it's about as far from the street light as I am, but farther down the road.

Here is one 200L, aimed near to me.

The bright spot is the stop sign -- it's very nearly dead center in the above picture. Now, with two of them on:

Both of these were aimed near. You can see the difference below, where I have one on again, but this time aimed further down the road.

With both of them on, aimed like the one above, you get this:

Finally, if you are running two of them, you might as well aim one close and one far, like this:

One thing to keep in mind, my 200L lights aren't using the current lenses. The spot intensity is about the same, I'm told, with slightly more light spill.


Craig said...

Thank you James for putting all this time and effort into photographing the lights. You would think DiNotte would do this themselves rather than show pictures of nerds riding Segway's, but alas I digress...

I've posted before on this subject, but let me reiterate - DiNotte lights rock! If you're thinking about upgrading from a previous version to the latest 200L, I say go for it. They really are brighter - as running lights in the spring/summer/fall, you will definitely be noticed (and hopefully less likely to get squished, cutoff, or "other").

As for those thinking about dark/winter, well, that is a tough one. The fact is portable lights can only produce so much light, and when you are zipping down a twisty road at 30+mph in the dark, things come up pretty quick - even if you had a automobile halogen light strapped to your handlebars....

In summary, I think DiNotte is a good compromise between power and battery size, and the tail light, for all its frustration mounting, is an awesome light. I also wish the cables were a little differently designed, but I still give the overall package thumbs up.

registrationsux said...

First off, great stuff, esp. the photos. This said, allow me to fill in what seems to be missing.

I got the upgrade (and experienced quite bad customer service). The 200L beam is nicely tighter but by no means does not provide enough "side light". If I was going to run with two, I think I'd use two new models vs. one old and one new.

Great new flash options, at least on mine. There are now 3: the old 1hz flash, a rapid then pause (like the taillight) that is much better, and a hi-low flash that is a little better still. Wish the taillight had this (another upgrade?)

Also, 3 intensity levels. I'd roughly say that low is equivalent to 5W halogen, medium to 10W halogen and about the same as the old 5watt, and high to 15W. (Note that the nature of light is that the improvement in visibility is not linear, if you follow what I mean). On high, on a suitable paved road, 25mph is not a problem and you could even chance 30mph on a known route.

They also fixed a problem with the batteries by now using sturdy hard cases (I had had to wrap up my old L-ion batts with electrical tape).

One last thing, I got the clear back/mini-taillight option. With this, two small red LEDs shine to the rear (on either side of the button). Not much light but it couldn't hurt. Maybe one of your great photos to quantify this for others?

Bottom line: buy it, love it, get out and ride!

James said...


The new tail light has the same flashing pattern as the 200L. I like the new pattern better.

What went wrong with your customer service experience?


They -- DiNotte -- are updating their website. If I remember right, the Segways are gone.

jim said...

There are three things I bicycle tour with tens of thousands of miles that have the potential to save my life. They are my Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, my helmet mounted rear view mirror (that has saved my life), and my DiNotte taillight.

The DiNotte products rock! And a big thanks for your info, very good and very useful. I have some info and videos of daylight DiNotte visibility here