Wednesday, January 10, 2007

32 and Raining -- but Well Lit

I tell you, I'd rather ride in 20 degree (F) and dry weather than 32 and raining. We're supposed to get snow at some point today and when I left home, it was indeed snowing. That soon switched to rain as I dropped elevation -- slightly, I was right at the snow line -- but didn't warm up at all. Even my normally bomb proof tights let me down. Hopefully, it'll just be snowing when I ride home this evening.

Now, on to more important things...

The K2 light arrived from Nite Hawk yesterday. There was a little mix up with UPS and it was left on a neighbor's porch -- a neighbor that is in Florida at the moment -- but after a little sleuthing I found it. I know, 116 can look like 118 when you are in a hurry.

Once I retrieved the light -- I'm sure it looked like I was stealing the package, but it had my name on it, really -- I plugged it in to top off the batter, and fired it up. This is a single K2 Emitter. The K2 is Luxeon's second generation LED and is supposed to be a little brighter than the previous Luxeon III and V. This light, though Nite Hawk doesn't mention it, runs at about 5W.

The light mount is ambidextrous -- it works on either side of the stem and center mounts the light. The included helmet mount is fairly low profile and the catch on the quick release is now metal -- a nice improvement over last year's plastic catch.

The lens is about the same size as last year's lights so it's a little bigger than the other 5W out there. Below is a head-on shot compared to Dinotte's 5w. Admittedly, the Dinotte is small, but it's lens size is similar to the BR Lights lenses and other multi-lens lights.

The light has more modes than you can shake a stick at -- multiple flashing, and the usual high-med-low. There is also a flickering mode that is supposed to simulate candle light.

Battery life is supposed to be pretty good, but I haven't verified it yet. Nite Hawk is claiming 4.8hrs on high. The batteries are NiMH. The K2 is $220, retail.


JohnnyM said...

Hi folks.
Have Dinotte stayed with 7.4 volts for their "Big Green" light? And, for your forthcoming light shootout, have you been able to source one of the twin 5W LED lamps from Hope in the UK (the people who make the disc brakes/skewers/stems etc.)? Very light and compact, with a nice helmet mount.

James Sharp said...


We did not get a Hope LED light. We'd have liked to but it just didn't work out.

James Huang over at has one and told me it is well built and pretty bright for an LED-based light. We do have the Exposure Lights Enduro, which is two 5W LEDs and also BR Lights C2; again, two 5W LEDs. I'd imagine that the output from the Hope would be similar.