Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rudy Project - Press Release

I just received this from Rudy Project. As a wearer of prescription glasses -- though when I am riding I use contacts -- I found this to be pretty cool.



San Clemente, CA January 2006 - Rudy Project Technically Cool Eyewear announced the expansion of its Authentic Sun Prescription Program to include RX Direct Interchangeable prescription lenses on its best selling semi-rimless performance models. RX lenses are initially available in its best-selling Ketyum, Rydon and Rydon II models, but the program will be expanded to other models in the near future. Power ranges are consistent with Rudy Project’s existing Sola Sunlens program. There is a slight up charge for the RX Direct Interchangeable lenses. The Rudy Project Authentic Sun Prescription Program is offered in alliance with Sola Technologies.

Brad Shapiro, Rudy Project Principal, stated, “this new technology, coupled with Rudy Project’s unique RX inserts, RX Swap and RX Direct options, clearly establishes Rudy Project as the leader in offering RX Solutions for athletes.”

Al Gleek, Sola Technologies, Director of Business Development, explained that a recently installed 5-axis machine “employs previously unavailable technology that utilizes CAD analysis of the frame shape, groove design, wrap angle, pantoscopic tilt, PD and more to perfectly cut lenses to assure, excellent fit, correct profile (flush mount with front) of the frame and tapered edges for cosmetic appeal. Additionally the machine allows us to ledge, groove, and sculpture the lens in such a fashion so that intricate designs, notches, sever points, etc can now be made in Rx.”


If you are in the market for new glasses, I'd take a good look at these. They won't be cheap, but prescription glasses never are.

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