Friday, March 31, 2006

2007 XTR has some images up of the 2007 XTR group, click HERE to see them all. All I can say is that I can't wait to see -- and take pics of -- the stuff at Sea Otter next weekend!

The new Dual Control lever for hydro brakes:

The new XTR rear der.:

New Trigger shifters - these adjust laterally for improved ergonomics:

New cassette:
As of this moment, I haven't heard anything on pricing, but expect it to cost a lot. It looks like competition with SRAM will be good for mountain bikers, if not good for their wallets!

-all images curtesy of SingleTrackWorld.

According to this PDF, the introduction schedule is as follows:
April will give us a looks at the shifters, derailleurs, wheels, pedals and cogset. That's where we are now. May will bring us a gander at the redesigned disc brakes and in June the crankset and other components show up. I'm not sure what the Pro's bikes will have at Sea Otter, but I'll be on the lookout with camera in tow.

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