Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I try and commute by bike almost every day. I ride to work on the road, off road, and somewhere in between. My old commuter bike, a '91 Fisher Sphinx, has many, many, many miles on it. Last year alone I put over 3000 on it. Well, the drivetrain was original, even the chain. I lamented the shape that the chain was in here. Needless to say, I was riding on borrowed time.

Last November I bit the bullet and ordered a new bike. I decided the that a cyclocross bike was right for me, combo of on and off road, and I didn't need another road bike. 'Cross bikes generally have enough clearence for fenders and fatter tires and I was looking for something else... disc brakes. I've run discs on my mountain bike for years and wouldn't go back to rim brakes for anything. I wanted the all weather stopping that discs provide since I ride in all types of weather.

Enter the Cannondale Cyclocross Disc bike. It has enough clearence for some decent sized tires with fenders, it is plenty light and it has disc brakes.

After nearly 3 months of waiting, the bike arrived!

The brown santa is on time:
Good things come in BIG boxes:
Inside the box:
Get it out, get it out!
On the stand:

One of the first things I did was remove the compact double crankset -- 50/36 -- in order to put on a mountain crankset, Race Face Deus XC -- 44/32/22 -- so that I could have low enough gearing for kid hauling duty.

Getting there:
One of the cool things about the paint is that the silver isn't paint but, rather, clearcoat over the metal.
And it's a good thing it's cool, too, since Cannondale was only offering this bike in this color scheme.

More pics of the semi-final build to come.

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