Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year.

Now, down to business.

When taking comparative pictures of the beams cast by headlights, you have to do them all at the same time, otherwise you cannot really compare. Weather, ambient lighting, camera settings, etc. all affect the image. But when you have 16 different light heads -- all the LED lights plus a HID, a 10W halogen and a 15W halogen -- there isn't a handlebar made that can hold them all. PVC pipe to the rescue!

Using the modern marvel that is PolyVinyl Chloride I was able to make a stand that is handlebar height, but can hold all of the lights and then some. (Missing in the above pic are the Double Shot, the halogens and the HID.)

What does it look like with them all powered on?

Bright. One the far right of the pic is the HID.
Of course, these are taken with my phone's camera -- it's oh so handy -- the photos used in the review will be taken with a digital SLR (Canon Digital Rebel).


Alan Bentrider said...


I'm looking forward to reading your completed light shootout. High-powered LEDs are great; love the simplicity and durability. I'm currently running an L&M Vega on the bar and a PT Eos on my helmet. I'll be replacing the Eos with a higher-powered rechargeable light in the near future; either a Dinotte Luxeon V, or a Cateye Double-Shot. Hoping your shootout will shed some "light" on my decision process. ;-)

Thanks much-

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Schorschi said...

I don't quite understand why you say you have to test lights at the same time to compare them.

You certainly can't light them all up at the same time, or they will superimpose each other, unless you mean place all lights next to each other in front of a wall that's 150 yards wide.

But with manually adjusted camera settings, known height and distance from your wall you should be able to compare lights even if you test them days apart.

How bright is that light? has a pretty useful comparison of several lights.


James Sharp said...


You are correct, I cannot light them up at the same time, and, like Eddy's Lights, if I am inside, I could take them any time I like, all environmental concerns would be taken care of with the manually adjusted camera.

That being said, I don't have a blank wall big enough, though I am still looking. I will be taking the shots outside where the weather, ambient lighting and the like make a difference. The lights will be shining down an abandoned, overgrown road.