Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cygo Lite

I just learned that Cygo Lite will be participating in the LED shootout as well. At this stage I don't know which light that they will be sending -- they make three: the HiFlux 200, the HiFlux 100 and the new DualCross 300.

I'll post more info and pics when the lights arrive.


Matt said...

While awaiting the results of your tests, I did enjoy the beam comparisons done by Eddy's bike shops at They don't have the same lights you do, but it's interesting to see the different amounts of beam divergence visible by shining on a wall.

James Sharp said...

The plan is to do something similar as well as photos of the lights shining on a dark road/trail. You'll see, it's going to be a nice way to determine the differences.

Schorschi said...

Oh, that would be great. The beam comparison at the site indicated was quite eye opening. I was able to see the strong Vega's beam (the one I decided to get) and compare it to the rather narrow beam of a skimpy LED light. What a difference.

Will be interesting and very helfpul to see the beam comparisons of the lights featured here.


poopin said...

hi. dis you test the dualcross 300 ? what do you think of it ? better than doubleshot ?

James said...


I did not get the Dual Cross. Sorry.